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Thursday, August 20, 2009

August 23, 1969---It started poorly: A raucous thunderstorm erupted just as the ceremony began, our honeymoon destination was destroyed by a hurricane and we ended up in a rainy, cold "resort" in Oklahoma. After a few weeks of married life we found the minister had forgotten to sign and mail our marriage license, so we weren't really "officially " married. For those who believe in portents, it was obvious we should have just separated and looked for happiness elsewhere. But, we were young and invincible, so we blundered ahead into life.

We've been there for the "richer" and "poorer" (richer is better), in "sickness" (oh, you wouldn't believe) and "health" and for "better" or "worse" (all day on the tractor). I'm hoping we have a long way to go until the "death do us part" business.
So, here's to you, Partner. After forty years of "I love yous", I still do. Happy Anniversary!
(Please note the blushing bride exiting in her mini skirted "going away suit" replete with white handbag, crosage and gloves and the
groom displaying a full head of hair and a lovely seersucker suit. This re-dressing of the bride and groom ritual has disappeared from the modern weddings. as the non-blushing bride now troops off to her hotel or residence in her full bridal regalia and is assisted in its removal by her new husband whom she has been co-habitating with for years.)

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