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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Postcard From God

Yesterday I received a postcard from God. It read,"I Love You! - God." Wow, I thought, here it is the busy Easter season and God took the time to send me a postcard. Maybe He heard that I had been sick for three weeks.
To my dismay, when I turned it over, it was addressed to "RESIDENT." Even more annoyingly, the entire back side was an advertisement for a local church.
All I've got to say is that I would be pretty darn mad if someone was sending out postcards in MY name without getting prior consent. Adding insult to injury, they are using God as a marketing tool and claiming to know His "plan for the future." Furthermore, they have besmirched His reputation by failing to recognize each individual by name. Surely, God doesn't think of us as "resident'? If He knows everything we do, then obviously He knows our names.
So, my food for thought this Easter (when you're not nibbling ham and chocolate bunnies) is that maybe it is time to churches to return to the business of helping people and get out of the business of advertising. In the meantime, I'm staying far away from the offending church just in case God is planning some retribution.

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