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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Gorey Details

It's not that I have overlooked the tragic event of last week, but I was just too busy getting moved into my re-model to worry about the affairs of the world. Now that I have time to give it proper consideration... here is the crack journalistic take on Tipper and Al's divorce.

The real story here is that "gray" divorce is on the rise. I guess after 40 years with someone, his or her little idiosyncrasies might begin to take a toll on the relationship. It is a really good thing that I personally don't have any of these and that I am capable of overlooking PARTNER'S.
After taking a hard look at Tipper and Al's marriage, I can happily say there are few parallels to my own.
Tipper and Al wrote a book together. I wrote two books, but PARTNER hasn't read them.
Al has gained so much weight he looks like the Michelin Man. PARTNER works out everyday.
Al performed a full tongue assault on his wife on national television. To my knowledge, PARTNER and I are not the subject of a passionate video on UTUBE.
Al is very green. PARTNER has solar pumps on the ranch wells.
Tipper started an organization to rate rap music lyrics. I outlawed the word (C)rap at my house.
Al's family is very wealthy. PARTNER'S father worked at a bank.
Tipper and Al fell in love at the Prom. PARTNER and I met in the cafeteria at UofH.
Al is a politician. PARTNER is a CPA, but he did serve on the state tax commission.
Al won a Nobel Prize. I didn't win a Pulitzer Prize...yet.
George Bush and a hanging chad ruined their life. George Bush is from Midland and we don't know Chad.

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