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Thursday, September 23, 2010

USAA Strikes Again

As you might remember, I was a little concerned when USAA Insurance was giving me some trouble about an automobile claim. After receiving a missive from them, it dawned on me why they were so reticent to pay for additional repair costs. They want to give me $10,000 AND a new car or truck. (My choice of a Cadillac CTS, GMC Acadia or Chevy Silverado.) All I have to do in return is get a USAA insurance quote before September 30th and I will be automatically entered in the WIN-WIN Sweepstakes.
Not only that, but they paid $151 million in dividends to policy holders last year. No wonder they don't have any money left to pay the actual claims. Maybe they would be better served by compensating accident victims for their lost time and inconvenience with all that loot. I figure I've lost at least 36 hours of my time dealing with the insurance company, tow truck, repair company, rental car and doctor visits.
My cream-puff, low mileage Lexus now has a collision on its record. The fellow who has been begging me to sell it to him when I got a new car is no longer interested in purchasing it. How do you value that loss?
Worst of all, I'm still having physical therapy on my neck. I have to wait until I finish ALL the medical treatments before they decide IF they will pay the medical claims. Which means, I'm left holding the bag for expenses until my neck quits hurting. Somehow, this doesn't seem to fair. I'm the injured, inconvenienced party and I guess I will continue to be so for a while. To be fair, they did call a few weeks ago...not to see if I felt better...just to find out how many more physical therapy appointments I might require. They are calling back in two months. I hope for both our sakes I will be well by then.

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