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Friday, January 14, 2011

I Hate My Zojirushi Breadmaker!

This may be the worst $240 I ever spent at King Arthur Flour. I thought a bread machine would be a wonderful addition to the ranch. After tons of research (because I'm compulsive that way), I fell for the hype about the Zojirushi. Sometimes you pay more and get a better product. Sometimes, you just get taken.
I have not been able to make one decent loaf of bread in that infernal machine. I've tried all varieties of breads and mixes, but I can buy better tasting bread at my grocery store. I find this very ironic, since I have no trouble making homemade bread by hand.
I can't bring myself to pitch the Zojirushi, so it has remained at the ranch for the last several years, taking up valuable counter space. I can't sell it because I honestly think it is just a piece of expensive junk. So, buyer beware! Try some other model. (My friend has an old BreadMan that works well.)

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  1. I have had your exact same experience. I have worn out six other bread machines so thought I would "invest" in a Zojirushi home bakery supreme. The first loaf I set overnight came out partially unmixed and with the crust very dark even though on lightest setting. Tried again the next day, had to watch it while mixing/kneading and add another 1/4 c water to my usual bread recipe. Came out lopsided. Tried just a batch of rolls side b y side with my old breadman. Exact same ingredients/ measurements and the Z batch failed to raise. Thought maybe the preheat killed the yeast so shut that off and tried one last time - same result. I give up. It's going back and I'm getting another Breadman.