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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Just Be Glad You Don't Live Here

I am a little on the grumpy side today because I seem to have another COLD. I find it impossible to believe that there are any germs left in the world who have not already made a home in my sinuses this year. In times like these, I try to remember that there are always folks worse off than I.
I live in a nice town, with nice folks and good friends. When I submit my address online or elsewhere, I don't have to apologize or blush. My good thought for today is that I don't live in any of the following places. I hope you enjoy this bit of toponymy.
Hooker, Oklahoma
New Erection, Virginia
Ballstown, Indiana
Intercourse, Pennsylvania
Climax, Georgia (Also in New York, Colorado and North Carolina)
Dickshooter, Idaho
Spreadeagle, Wisconsin
Horneytown, Big Lick or Meat Camp, North Carolina
Finger, Tennessee
Dicktown, New Jersey
Big Beaver, Iowa
Threelegstown, Ohio
French Lick, Indiana
...and I'm not having to step in Shitbritches Creek, California.
Many governments have passed laws to eliminate racially or sexually demeaning names for towns and geographic features. Others seem to find it a boost to tourism. I imagine the local residents are constantly replacing the towns' signs. It sure makes me glad I live in Midland, Texas. What cold? I feel better, already.


  1. French Lick, Indiana was named after two parts of its history.

    1. French - Jesuit missionaries from Vincennes followed a wilderness trail southeast to an area which had several mineral springs. Why? To conduct mission work amongst the Native American tribes that gathered at those springs.

    2. Lick - as in salt lick. Local wildlife and herds of migrating bison would lick stones and rocks for the salts and minerals that were left by the evaporation of the mineral water from the springs that would make this area famous.

    The area and the community that would be founded later was initially known as The French Lick. the town dropped the pretentious "The" and are now known as French Lick.

    Historically people came from all around to drink the medicinal mineral waters to effect what was called the 'water cure'. Perhaps with your cold you should stop by and have a sip.

  2. Thanks for the info. I like French fries. Why not a French Lick, especially if it cured my cold? I just might have to take the town off my list, especially if all the residents are as nice as you.