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Monday, February 21, 2011

EZ Egg Cracker

Just when I thought I'd seen everything, along comes something new. Nevermore will you have to labor through hand cracking eggs. The EZ Egg Cracker will free the over-worked chef from egg cracking fatigue syndrome.

Why in the world anyone would shell out $14.00 for this nine inches of plastic gadgetry? It would take longer to find the egg cracker, load the egg and then wash the tool than to crack 6 eggs with your hands. I can't imagine you would need or want this item...unless there is some unfortunate wretch that you would like to scratch from your social obligation list. Send one of these on the next gift-giving occasion and you'll be free of that unwanted relationship.
How did this ever make it to the marketplace? I'd have been embarrassed to apply for a patent. Too bad "delete" only works on your computer. This item is destined for a garage sale or dumpster.

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