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Monday, April 18, 2011

My One and ONLY

Followers will know that I have quite a love affair going with my grand-daughter, code name ONLY; as in my only grandchild. She just turned three and I'm sure she is already showing signs of genius.
She knows that compost breaks down the soil in her garden. That mortar is what holds bricks together and that gravity keeps us on Earth. Of course, she knows many other basics like the alphabet, numbers and the names of the planets.
Last week she drew this lovely picture of a person. I'm sure you will agree that it shows artistic promise.

This weekend she unexpectedly recited the months of the year. To everyone's amazement we found that the month we had been referring to as April, was in actuality, Eggroll. Of course, that is why Easter is so late this year... it needed to be in the month of Eggroll.

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