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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Diamond B Hick Quiz

As I stood at the window of our modular ranch home, gazing at the new above ground pool and the tractor attachments in the distance, I began to worry that maybe we had become a little too countrified.  PARTNER, being from Columbus, Texas, probably hasn't noticed our slow decline into red-neck life.  I, being a Houston girl, find it quite overwhelming that I am part owner of  this little slice of Garden City.
During his college days, PARTNER actually had the nickname, "Hick."  It is just a natural digression for him back to small town living and ranch life. I am happy to say that I did not ace this little quiz, so I guess I don't have to worry...yet.
Answer yes or no:
Have you ever stopped along the Interstate to see if the road kill was salvageable?
Do you have more than one bumper sticker on your vehicle?
Have you owned your truck longer than you've been married?
Do you like to set things on fire? Shoot them? Blow them up?
Have you ever been refused service because you weren't wearing a shirt/shoes?
Are there toothpicks in your pocket or truck?
Fill in the blanks.
There are ______Vienna Sausages in a can.
Scrapple is________________________.
What is God's first name?_______________.
What do you call the offspring of a mule?____________.
Name five characters from the Andy Griffith Show._______________________
What does PBR stand for?_________________
Thought questions:
Which is worse, chiggers of ticks, and why?_____________________________
When it comes to dating family members, you should:
a.  Avoid it.
b.  Ask for a legal definition of "family".
Give yourself one additional point for owning any of the following:  Deerstand, Gunrack, George Strait 8- track, Copenhagen.
Worth one point each if you:
Cash you paycheck at the 7-11.
Have a designated beer refrigerator.
Own a NASCAR hat.
Carry a spit cup.
Wear wife-beater shirts.
Bonus:  Ten extra points if you took this quiz with a beer in your hand. Give yourself one point for each "yes" and any question you could answer.  If you needed to take off your shoes to compute your final score, give yourself ten more points...if you can count that high.

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