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Friday, July 29, 2011

Crummy Crumbs: Looking for Hametz

Not recommended cleaning method.
Could I have possibly been Jewish in another life?  Forget just the ritual cleaning for Passover, I am constantly looking for all those little crumbs (hametz in Hebrew) that make a home in my house.  I can understand how crumbs of bread come to live in the toaster.  Toaster manufacturers have even planned for this eventuality by including removable sliders at the bottom of the toaster. Perhaps you didn't you know such a thing existed? Or maybe you shake the toaster upside-down over the trash or perhaps, you don't care what is living in your toaster.
After the obvious toaster crumb removal, there comes the bits that have fallen between the chair and couch cushions.  How could a person as fastidious as myself have a thriving crumb colony in her furniture?  I'm am going to blame this on my personal couch eater, PARTNER.  Please feel free to throw the blame at anyone living in your home, including pets. I found the DustBuster is your best friend when it comes to furniture crumb cleaning.
Now, to the greatest mystery of life...crumbs in the utensil drawers. When I had children at home, this was a no-brainer. Since PARTNER and I are now the sole occupants of the house, I can no longer blame the crumb crimes on the children. I'm not too sure PARTNER knows where all the utensils are stored and he certainly hasn't been setting out the flatware, so I've come to the conclusion that my house and ranch are either haunted by a cracker-eating revenant or an untidy alien. Either way, it's ordinary manual labor with a damp paper towel to remove these nasty, unwelcome guests. Amazingly, despite my diligence,they always return the following week.

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