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Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Good and the Bad at the Diamond B Ranch

The good news is that we finally had in over an inch.  It was the first measurable rainfall in more than 300 days.  We are thrilled.  Unfortunately, the storms knocked out the electricity.  Nothing like tossing out the refrigerated items you had just restocked the week before! 
We have also had a problem with the pumps on two of the tanks.  Obviously, with the lack of rain, if the pump doesn't run, there is no water in the tanks and the fish go belly-up.  We seem to have a spoilage theme going. Of course, the auxiliary generator might have affected the pumps, so we had to purchase a new one.  (Just in case it was the culprit.) It was not and now we own two generators.
Enough of a fun weekend for you? We were also invaded by moths.  On a gasoline (for the generators) run to Big Spring, I checked out the local Tru-Value Hardware for some moth traps.  Another mistake.  Obviously, women who work in hardware stores in small towns think " Traps" are beyond comprehension, but quite fun to shout about at the top of one's lungs. They suggested an electronic bug zapper.  Wouldn't that be attractive hanging in the ranch house?! At least it provided some humor to a Saturday of rotting fish and food and a water shortage.
Oh yea, we missed a birthday party, too. Happy birthday, Lori!

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