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If you like Texas Jot, please take a look at my other blog, Fashion Plate. It is the home of my handmade retro Barbie clothes and lots of delicious recipes from my cookbooks.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Laboring Over Labor Day Weekend

In the spirit of the holiday, I decided that it would be the perfect moment to give another blog.  The response to the Barbie fashions has been very rewarding, so they are getting a home of their own.  In a few weeks I will launch (aka Fashion Plate) It will have some great shots of Barbie's sixties fashions all loving hand-crafted by moi and some equally wonderful recipes that will relate to the featured fashions.
The website has been created and the postings will begin soon.  I can hardly wait.  Now Texas Jot will have a sibling with which to play and I will have twice as much work to do. Barbie has donned her apron and is in the kitchen baking up a storm, while I'm counting down to this delicious launch...

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