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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Apache is Off the Reservation

Not only do I have 3 units of manufactured housing and four campers parked at the Crabcooker well, Apache is also shuttling in  a van-load of men from the "reservation" at Highway 158 and CR420.  For a drilling rig that is supposed to be practically automatic (computer controlled), I don't know what all these men are doing...I mean besides leaving the gate open, littering and grilling on a propane barbecue during a red-flag alert fire hazard. I guess they didn't get the message earlier in the year that Glasscock County is having a severe draught and all burning activities are to be curtailed.  Maybe I ought to call the sheriff to issue them a citation before they burn down the place.
I asked PARTNER what would happen if they did catch the ranch on fire...I mean, wouldn't they be liable?
He gave me that "where do you come up with these things looks" but then he got a little quiet.  I think we are both worried about our rights as a property owner...they seem to be non-existent.

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