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Thursday, January 5, 2012

How to Give Yourself a Fat Lip

At last, the secret is  revealed.  You, too, can give yourself a fat lip.  Be the envy of your friends.  Have the puffiest lip in town and no painful injections needed. 
While extracting groceries from my truck, I grabbed for a particularly heavy bag and missed the handles.  My arm, however, keep rising upward with full force until it connected with my lip. Bleeding and contusion were followed by immediate puffiness. One could say quite honestly that I look swell!


  1. hahaha thats great! but are you ok? and the only reason i want a fat lip is because im a person (whos in band, i play the trombone and ima girl...isn't that awesome)but i dont wanna tell u my age... anyways my band teacher is so rude so i never wanna play, but if i have a fat lip he wont make me yah! i hope i get one

  2. all i did was pick my lip and suck on it for 30 min and it was huge i even got to stay home from school:)