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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Potato Love Poem

As far as I’m concerned, you see
The “eyes” have always had it.
You may label it addiction,
But I prefer to think of it as habit.

They seek me in the produce aisle
And give out a suggestive wink.
Though dirty-skinned and lumpy
They still make my heart go “plink”.

I’d like to pass them by this week
But passion rules my soul.
So, another recipe I’ll tweak.
Spuds in the cart…now on I roll.

The Russets rule my world it seems,
But Yukon Golds are great.
Little fingerlings are tasty steamed.
Just pile them on my plate.

I like you fried; both French and German.
You’re yummy just baked inside your skins.
You are so very tasty in a cheesy hot gratin
Duchessed up in fancy twirls… but never from a tin.

When I’m in a hurry
It’s Steam N’ Mash I quickly make.
Then I use the leftovers
In my famous chocolate potato cake.

I dream of you whipped in fluffy mounds.
Can’t wait to dig right in!
They say potatoes can add the pounds
But who started all that din?

I’ve checked it out and am quite sure
You're really a nutritional dream.
The culprit is the dairy group,
The added butter and sour cream.
Want the recipe for the chocolate potato cake?  Just follow the link at the top of the page to

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