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Monday, May 21, 2012

Campbell's Tomato Soup vs Pacific Organic Creamy Tomato Soup

Who doesn't love a little food fight? I have this compelling need to take my food choices into the arena for a public showdown. I grew up on Campbell's tomato soup, so to me it is a comfort food.  Lately, I've noticed that while it may evoke warm memories, it really doesn't taste that good.  Then there is that thing about consuming too much canned soup... Anyway, I was motivated to find something different, but delicious to replace the hot, red, easy lunch.
I stumbled upon Pacific Organic soups in cardboard packaging.  I will just say that this soup exceeded my expectations by 100% and it is organic.  It is so much better than Campbell's.  It is not so "fancy" that kids will turn up their noses.  It is just yummy. 
I thought that after repeated servings, I would tame my praise, but my love just keeps growing.  I hesitated to share this discovery with you for fear that there would be a run on this product.  I've stockpiled a few cartons to tide me over. 
You can pour this soup right from the resealable container and heat in the microwave.  Once you open it, keep the remainder in the refrigerator. It takes a little longer to heat from chilled, but it retains it's superb taste. Well, it's almost lunch time, so I think it is soup and a peanut butter sandwich for me today. I'm hungry just thinking about that tomato soup! Let me know what you think of it.

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