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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Riding the Range With Apache

(For the last five days I've been helping the TWO's move. I think my legs are about two inches shorter from standing upright for 12 hours a day. Yikes!)
I am really sick of those trashy folks from Apache littering the Diamond B Ranch.  We missed trash pick-up last weekend, as we were on moving duty, but here is a list of some of our recent trash.
shoe shiner
pair of socks
1 black glove (no sequins)
cigarette packages, butts, etc.
cans, bottles and Styrofoam cups
2 large bolts
hard hat
Styrofoam clam shell with french fries
lots of rope and metal wire
plastic and metal strapping
sales slips, paper, etc.
electrical connector boxes
ice bags
packets of plastic ware
too many plastic bags
Fazoli's pizza box
ski mask
2 glass Mexican coke bottles
It won't be long now until we finish our temple of trash...

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