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Monday, March 16, 2009

Somewhere Out There

I know for the good of my career as an author, I need to have a web presence. Since I can already be Googled, I don't have too many secrets left. I can be mapped, indexed, checked for charitable donations and sold (my book, that is) on Amazon. So, it really shouldn't be such a leap of faith to have a site where I can semi-control the content.

As with all my writing endeavors, I did a little research on author's blogs. I was startled to find the prevailing vocabulary included the following words:

Ramblings, rants, psychosis, writer's block, musings, mental spew, tribulations, mutterings, vegetarian, chick-lit, aspiring, dark fantasy and vampires.

It is my solemn vow that these words will never appear on this blog. I find humor in most everything, so be prepared for a laugh overload.

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