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Friday, April 24, 2009

Hey Midland! What is the Letter We Love?

"What is the letter we love?
What sound are we extra fond of?
It's not any trouble.
You know it's a W
When you hear, 'Wha, wha, wha!'"
(All rights reserved by the Sesame Street W)

Last night "W" returned to Midland to be inducted into the Petroleum Museum Hall of Fame. The Midland Center was packed to capacity. A shoehorn would have been a more useful accessory than an evening bag. The event included the induction of four other men who had actually been successful in the oil industry. It was unfortunate that they had been nominated this particular year, as it was difficult to play on the same court with George Bush.

Though probably not reported by the media, the former President appeared relaxed, happy and gave one of his best speeches. He was humorous, self-deprecating and brief. After eight years of monotone presentations, it was nice to hear some inflection and enthusiasm in his voice. I guess not being responsible for the entire United States and its allies could have a pronounced affect on your life and sense of humor. He said his new Domestic Agenda included "lawn mowing, bed making and dish washing". He also stated that he was grateful that one of the requirements for the Petroleum Museum Hall of Fame selection had not been "actually finding any oil".

Usually the darling of Midlanders, "43" was under fire this morning because he returned to Dallas last evening and stood up the big money sponsors at an up close and personal brunch this morning. Is it worth $10,000 or more to have your picture made with a former president? Well, more than twenty sponsors thought so. Can you blame them for being a little miffed?

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