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Monday, April 6, 2009

Keep Austin Weird

If you missed me, I've spent the last week with Only. I am SOOOO captivated by that grinning, giggly, seven toothed, curly haired, wiggly-walking, toddler. I wanted to take her home with me, but there seemed to be strong resistance on the part of her parents.
When she gets a little older, Partner and I look forward to having Only as a house guest. Of course, I've had her room ready for five years. As One and Two laughed, I would blithely explain that I was just getting prepared in case any babies came to visit. When we received the wonderful news that we were actually going to become grandparents, all I had to do was slide in a crib and changing table.
I think it is very important for Only to spend some time in Midland and absorb some culture beyond the confines of Austin. During a previous visit, I was checking out at Central Market when I found myself in front of a group of teenage lesbians, giggling and kissing. Politely, I averted my eyes and looked to my right. A gray-haired women with a large piece of tree limb was evaluating my grocery choices and asking me if certain items were "good." I couldn't discern why she was standing at the end of the check-out, but I figured if she was carrying that large a piece of lumber, I'd better answer her. In desperation, I looked up to catch the cashier's eye, when I was met with a sea of purple hair and enough facial piercing to set off a metal detector. So, for those of residents of Austin who sport the "Keep Austin Weird" bumper stickers, you can all relax. You have succeeded!

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