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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Ranch Dressing

When the situation calls for it, who can resist the luxury of buying a new wardrobe? I thought; new clothes! Unfortunately, the climate, terrain, vermin and varmints conspired against me. I was forced to purchase attire and accessories that I would not have otherwise selected.

5 pairs Wrangler Jeans
1 pair leather snakeboots
1 pair lace-up camo snakeboots
Down-filled camo jacket and matching pants, really puffy looking
Maine style hat with fuzzy ear flaps
Tall rubber boots for tank wading
Holster, and Taurus magnum handgun

I have told my children repeatedly that "life is not fair" so I have little room for wailing, but really, it is a crime to spend cash on such indecorous items. The only bright spot is that they perfectly match my tractor.

Yes, MY tractor. It was an anniversary present two years ago. Although I usually prefer something much smaller and shinier from the jewelry store, I was happy to have my own personal John Deere complete with a DVD player and heating/air-conditioning. Now I don't have to wear the puffy suit or the ear flap hat to keep warm in winter or dodge the bugs in the summer.

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