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Friday, April 17, 2009

Mr. Lee, Mr. Lee, Oh Mr. Lee or I Like Spike

If you happen to know Spike Lee, please tell him he has a personal message awaiting him at Texas Jot.

Dear Mr. Lee,

Two's dissertation would make a wonderful movie. I've been waiting for you to discover this on your own, but I guess you've been too busy with all that Hollywood stuff. Anyway, just leave me a comment and I'll have her people talk to your people. (I guess she can find some people.)

If you get cracking, that movie could be ready in time for the Academy Awards. Please let me know as soon as you start filming, as I don't have anything to wear that would be appropriate for the red carpet. (Then there is the face-lift and jewelry aspect....)

Best of luck in all your endeavors,

Two's Unbiased Mom

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