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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Carpe Carp

We have been waiting for several months for some grass carp (Ctenopharyngodon idella) that failed to make the initial fish delivery. Yesterday we made a quick dash to seize the carp and transport them to Garden City. Picture fish in an ice chest with a battery operated aerator and lots of duct tape. It is called improvisation.

This poor species has been so maligned that it has an alias; White Amur. Due to its invasive nature, a permit is required to purchase grass carp. They are problematic because they double in size in six months and ultimately reach forty pounds. So, the fish are rendered sterile by means of shocking the eggs with rapid temperature changes. On the positive side, each day they eat up to three times their body weight in aquatic weeds.

I guess on EFish Harmony, the fish's profile does not look so great.
1. Overweight and gaining
2. Assumed name
3. Voracious eater
4. Sterile, triploid
5. License required

Fortunately for our eleven grass carp, we have an abundance of aquatic weeds and welcome them to the Diamond least until the ponds are cleared.

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