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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

New From the Ranch

Things are really hopping in Garden City this week. In order of importance:

1. The county judge wants new carpet in the courtroom before the big murder trial in June.
2. The sheriff's Crown Victoria collided with a deer.
3. The Texas Hooter Honeys are rescheduling their dance.
4. A local resident was a member of the first place Meat Evaluation Team at Texas Tech.

So, my reaction to all this is:

1. Get some hardwood flooring and make Garden City shine for the plethora of newspersons who will be flooding the area to cover this major event. Maybe I can rent out some rooms at the ranch.
2. Who still drives a Crown Victoria? I mean, besides the local sheriff, who would find it so appropriate for hunting down felons.
3. Unfortunate choice of name aside, it should be noted they are raising funds for breast cancer.
4. I know Tech has a reputation as a party school, but really! I never imagined they gave prizes for such behavior. I would love to know the criteria for judging.

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