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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Let's Do Lunch

I usually dine in, so an invitation to lunch is a special treat. Lately, these occasions have morphed into something less than magical. I would like to elevate LUNCH OUT to it's former glory. Here are a few luncheon topics I would like to avoid:

1. Aches, pains, prescriptions, colonoscopies and doctor appointments

2. Failing visions, teeth or hearing

3. Elderly parents, Alzheimer's and senior moments

4. Diets, weight and how tight one's clothes are and exercise or lack of

Most importantly, if you've made the decision to dine out...just eat. Don't moan over calories, portions or dessert. I figure since there are about thrity lunch eating opportunities a month, one can easily adjust her eating habits to accommodate an occasional pig-out with friends. If your that obsessed with your food intake, stay at home and eat iceberg lettuce.

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