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Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother Pucker

I don't care for the line, "If Mommy isn't happy, no one is happy," because it makes mothers sound so selfish. But, there is a ring of truth to it. When you take into consideration some of the things mom is responsible for:

1. Knowing the name of your favorite stuffed animal and when you had chicken pox
2. Having a list of all your prior addresses for your credit report
3. Maintaining a childhood archive in case celebrity status is reached
4. Being able to find anything, belonging to anyone, in any location
5. Serving as nurse, mentor, cook, friend, teacher and resident expert on any topic

...realistically, it would be a nice to have this person in a happy frame of mind.

So when in one breath she tells you how proud she is of the wonderful, independent person you've become and then says, "Baby, be sure and take your vitamins," just remember she loves you. Life will be nicer for everyone if you don't get your mother in a pucker.

Happy Mother's Day to all the MOMs!

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