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Monday, May 11, 2009

Why I Don't Have a PhD

I was reading TWO's book and I quickly realized why I don't have a PhD. Spellcheck doesn't even recognize most of these words and Webster's abandoned me on many of them. Someone has polluted our gene pool with intelligence!

eschatological-regarding the ultimate destiny of mankind
syncretic-related to reconciling opposing principles in religion or philosophy
diaspora- spread of a nation's culture
bricolage-use of diverse research methods
hagiography-biography of saints
emic-account of a culture coming from within the culture
etic-account of a culture coming from a neutral observer
protean-readily assuming different shapes or forms
ontology-study relating to the nature of being
parsing-analyzing in a minute way
adumbrates- to outline vaguely, foreshadow
noetics-ones with cognition through direct knowledge
perduring- to remain in existence, endure
seminal context -seeds of one discipline can influence the growth of another
heuristic- helping to learn, self-teaching
semiotics-theory of signs and symbols in language
anachronistic-anything out of its historical time
lacuna-gap, hole, deficit
polemics-the art or practice of disputation
miscegenation-marriage or sexual relations between a man and a woman of different races
schema-outline or plan (Hey, sort of like scheme.)
panegync- panegyric-laudatory discourse
atavistic-resemblance or reversion to remotely ancestral characteristic

Y'all 'scuse my vulgate, but them big words is makin' my brain hurt.

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