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Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Opiate Twins

I received an email the other day that had you list six names by which you are known. I was born Celeste Elaine, but always known as Cece. Then I became Mrs. Brune, Mommy, Lady and Miss Mommy . I am quite happy the evolution of my nomenclature. I readily answer to any one of these titles, except Celeste. Who is she? I don't believe we ever met. I guess that's what happens when your otherwise sane mother lets a Swedish photographer select your name. "What a heavenly baby, you must call her Celeste!" It must have sounded a lot more convincing with a Swedish accent.
We were so overjoyed at becoming grandparents, Partner and I would have answered to Ugly and Stupid. Fortunately, we've been assigned Coco and Poppy. Following in the grand tradition of my parents, Dusty and Smokey the Pollution Twins, we are now officially the Opiate Twins.

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