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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Long, Longer, Longest...I'm the Longest One of All

As FOX encouraged Little Leaguers to settle around the television and watch the All Star Game, they treated them to an Extenze (male enhancement) testimonial before the start of the game. The conversations the commercial sparked surely pre-empted the drama of the game. (The National League lost, again.)
I am really tired of SMILING BOB, the Enzyte man, and his equally cheerful wife. I bet she isn't smiling any more. I'm sure the laundry is knee deep and they've been reduced to eating take-out. Give it up Bob, and let her out of the bedroom.
Do you see a trend here? It might be wise to avoid products that have a "z" in the name and have not been evaluated by the FDA. (Of course, this will appear in tiny print at the bottom of the commercial.)
The major drawback to Cialis (a real drug) is that you have to own two bathtubs in order to get any satisfaction from this product, but it is "ready when your are". I do think it is important that they have produced drugs, such as Viagra, for men with erectile dysfunction. I just don't understand why they feel compelled to run the commercials during family sports events like the Super Bowl and All Star Game.
When Teddy Roosevelt said, "Walk softly and carry a big stick," he wasn't referring the any part of the male anatomy. Give it up guys and save the drugs for the men with a medical condition.

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