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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Let Them Eat Cake!

On Saturday, October 3rd, the Midland Quilt Guild celebrated it's thirtieth anniversary.  I was determined to have my wedding cake quilt, which I designed in honor of my 40th wedding anniversary, ready for the show.  That very tired looking woman standing beside the quilt is me.  One should never have a quilting deadline and a cookbook deadline occur simultaneously. 
The Guild was founded by Jean Roberts and I am proud to say she taught a self-taught quilter how to really quilt.  Knowing Jean for all these years has been a pleasure for me and a real boost for my quilting skills. Now every time I take an awkward stitch, I can hear her voice telling me to "take it out and do it right."  She is my little guardian angel of all things quilt related. 
Jean was honored at the Quilt Show with an amazing display of her work.  She also had several quilts entered in the show.  Fortunately, she has not succumbed to the lure of machine quilting. Her quilts are truly handmade and hand quilted. I hope you were able to see her quilts and admire what 30 years of quilting perfection can do for a pile of of fabric.  As PARTNER once remarked, "Let's take big pieces of fabric and cut them into little pieces of fabric and then sew them back into one BIG piece of fabric, again."  I guess with quilting, it's not the process, it's the journey.
To Jean's further honor, my quilt won first place in Mixed Technique (applique, piecing and embellishment).  I was stunned, but then, look to my teacher.

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