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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Bettys

Before I moved to Midland, I didn't even know a single person named Betty. Now, they are everywhere.
My first neighbor...Miz Betty
My second neighbor...Betty Behind
....and on to Seasonal Betty, Decorator Betty, Bob&Betty, Eyeglass Betty and so it goes. The Bettys just keep popping up. I'm sure there is a novel lurking in this, but I've just been too busy to write it.
Five years ago, Seasonal Betty (her last name sounds like one of the seasons) announced at one of our Chocolate Decadence planning meetings, "I make a great chocolate pie." Now, I consider this a pretty bold statement. I usually say, "I have a good recipe for chocolate pie." or something a little more modest, but no, she threw down the gauntlet.
Five years later...yesterday to be exact...she reiterated that same statement. "I've been waiting five years for that pie," I said. She replied, "Well, I'd have to make more than just one..."
Really Seasonal Betty, just make me the pie! Last night I wasted an entire hour of sleep time debating whether it was a cream pie, a mousse pie, and ice cream pie or a fudge pie. What type of crust? Traditional? Nut? Meringue? Cookie? This entire matter is driving me crazy.
I will cut Seasonal Betty a little slack. She has uncomplainingly undergone chemotherapy treatments for the last five years, so she has been a little busy. But, I need that pie or at least, the recipe.

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