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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Verrrrry Scary

It is almost Halloween. While most folks are anticipating an evening of costumes, candy and merry-making, there is still that creepy aspect of the holiday. Someone will arrive at my door with dripping blood, headless or looking like they just crawled out from under a tombstone. I'm not too worried about the little folks, it's the teenage zombies that curdle my blood. I really hate to open the door to anyone who looks larger than I am and is carrying a blood encrusted axe.
Technically, I should be able to relax this year because I have already been scared senseless.
1. All those friends of my daughters who couldn't seem to remember to attend high school, or when their curfew was or that there was an age limit on drinking, are now physicians. I mean, they are doctors in my town wanting me to sit in some skimpy robe while they diagnose my ailments. I can't help but wonder if they are going to get a little retribution on the "strict" mother.
2. No one working in a bank should have tats or piercing. I have enough to worry about with the economy without having to look at body art when I am opening a checking account. What ever happened to middle-aged men and women in suits? I'm moving all my cash into a tin can and bury it under a geranium.
3. I spent five minutes trying to remove one errant eyebrow follicle. If that wasn't scary enough, I found that in reality I had been trying to pluck a wrinkle.
Life is verrrry scary!

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