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Friday, October 23, 2009


When my children were little, we used to play lots of word games. One of them was trying to find rhymes for so-called rhyme-less words such as "silver," "purple" and "dangerous." Although these words have no perfect rhyme, some of them have half-rhymes or slant rhymes; as in "orange" and "door hinge."
It is always at a time in my life when I'm going in ten thousand directions, that these little language idiosyncrasies creep into my mind. I guess it is my brain's way of telling me to slow down. Anyway, in case you are suffering from the "Oh my gosh it is only two months until Christmas tremors" you might try reviewing this list to give your brain a little cerebral exercise.

Bulb, Polka, Angry, Vacuum, Sixth, Chimney, Almond, Wolf, Sandwich, Angst, Foible, Marathon, Iron, Pint and Monster.

Send me your poetic endeavors and I will post the best rhymes.

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