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Friday, November 13, 2009

Weird Christmas

I don't know how I got on these mailing lists, but I seem to get the oddest assortment of catalogs. I have never purchased a whoopee cushion, authentic hand grenade or Victorian clothing, yet they pursue me with great zeal. Every year, I collect the "best of the worst" holiday items. This year I have already accumulated three. It has become too easy...where is the challenge?

Doggy Doo Ornaments

"Doo have a Happy Holiday with a glittering reminder of Man's Best Friend. This tidy little faux doggy doo ornament is glittering with a sprinkling of "snow" and tied up nicely with a holiday ribbon." $6.98

Poo-Poo Holiday Set

"Press down on their heads and watch Santa and his reindeer "poo" the candies from their bottoms! Silly novelty will have them laughing well into the new year (sic)! "$9.98

Santa's Little Secret!

"Who knew Santa likes wearing women's underwear? Just press his hand and he'll shimmy seductively to the song "Santa Baby" as he opens his robe and flashes you!" $24.98 (Not for children under 3 yrs.)

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