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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Join the Texas Jot Team Weight Loss Team

Today is weigh-in day at ONE'S office. They have a contest every year(optional) to encourage the employees to lose some weight. The idea is that you enter a team (of your selection) and then weigh once a week for so many weeks. I think they take into consideration not only pounds lost, but also weight loss relative to your beginning weight.
I, being self-employed, do not have employees. Still, I would love to have a "team" to keep me on track. (After three months of recipe testing, both my weight and cholesterol could use a little reining in.) Won't you join me in my misery? We can be team Texas Jot.
You don't need to tell me what you weigh now, or later, but just send me a few encouraging comments on what you are doing to tighten your belt when it comes to calories, as long as they don't have anything to do with eating raw vegetables. Please report ounces lost/gained (women) and pounds lost (men). It is just so much easier for men, but let me not digress!
Every week, for the next eight weeks, I will post our group tally. Let's see how many pound we can shed. Don't make me look like a pathetic, lonely idiot. I'm expecting YOU to participate!

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