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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Losing Weight, Already

I know I lost at least an ounce yesterday after I had all the extraneous growths frozen and cut off my body. I'm not recommending this as a preferred form of weight loss. It is also quite expensive...may $400 for an ounce and not that pleasant. As the dermatologist so succinctly expressed it, "One of us is having a good day."
Unfortunately, I didn't feel that great this morning, so I haven't weighed yet. Besides, I think you are only supposed to weigh once a week. Yes, I'm sure you only weigh once a week. That would mean that by next Wednesday, I expect ALL OF YOU to be clicking on the comment pencil and sending me your reports.
My progress report, other than the removals, is that I passed up eating an entire box of Joe-Joe's when I returned from the doctor. If you don't live near a Trader Joe's or have someone near and dear to you who will send you multiple boxes, I will describe this little taste treat. Imagine an Oreo cookie filled with peppermint filling...oh so yummy. I understand these cookies are only available during the holidays, but I and the other vigilant consumers will have our freezers back-stocked with cookies so that we may spread the joy throughout the year.
A few weeks ago, I made the Oh-reo Cake on page 139 of Chocolate Crimes and substituted the Joe-Joe's for Oreos. I'd include the recipe, but I guess that wouldn't be fair since I just put you on a diet. Of course, even on a diet, I do always eat dessert! (Hope you made the Pirogi Casserole before the weigh-in.)

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