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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Miss Julia

I usually post my reading selections below, but I thought Ann B. Ross and Miss Julia earned an entire blog entry. If you want to laugh, cheer and laugh some more you need to read the Miss Julia series. Although the books are complete unto themselves, I was terribly glad I began with the first book and worked my way through the series. I've read nine books in two weeks time, so that ought to give you some indication of how much I love Miss Julia.
This matriarch of Abbotsville faces everything life has to throw at her with a grace and spunk that is both humorous and uplifting. Almost every inch a lady, she carries on the Southern tradition of genteel manners, a strict adherence to etiquette and the idea that anyone's illness or misfortune requires the delivery of food to the sufferer.
I never read the back cover of books because I don't want the plot revealed, so I won't spoil these books by telling you anything other than go buy Miss Julia Speaks Her Mind, Miss Julia Takes Over, Miss Julia Meets Her Match, Miss Julia Throws a Wedding, Miss Julia Hits the Road, Miss Julia's School of Beauty, Miss Julia Strikes Back and Miss Julia Paints the Town.
Don't be too sad when you finish reading these books...there are two more on the way!

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