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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Rule of Three P's

I awoke this morning to a Midland blanketed in snow. It is still snowing and expected to keep snowing until late in the day. While others are reveling in this bit of wintry weather and closed schools, I can only huddle under my blanket and wish for warmer weather. As a child, I lived in Massachusetts for 12 long years. When my family moved to the Nirvana known as Texas, I found my climate niche. As long as there is continuous sunshine and the temperature remains above 65 degrees, I'm a happy camper.
It distresses me greatly to see the daffodils struggling under a layer of snow and the swimming pool looking like a retreat for polar bears. Unfortunately, I have no one to blame for this Arctic state of affairs but is the rule of three P's.
Like the "dawning of the Age of Aquarius. When Jupiter aligns with Mars", the three P's have aligned "so snow will find our planet and block out all the stars."
1. Puppies are residing in our unheated garage.
2. Pansies were planted yesterday.
3. Pedicure was scheduled for today.
My compunctious feelings are overwhelming. I didn't mean to cause climatic change. I've just been a victim of the Rule of Three P's.

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