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Friday, February 5, 2010

Why Do Men Hate Valentine's Day?

Strange as it may seem, Valentine's Day may have a fissiparous effect on couples. Men, when faced with the strain of having to produce a gift or evening's entertainment, often turn tail and run. It seems easier to end a relationship than go to the expense and/or trouble of celebrating a holiday with your significant other.
Here are some tips to help you navigate this holiday and keep you and your relationship on the road to happiness.
1. Ignore all television advertising concerning appropriate Valentine's gifts. Your sweetie does not want red satin pj's, a teddy bear or any jewelry that will be sold in a box of chocolates and owned by countless other women.
2. Florists will take advantage of your panicked state. Valentine's Day falls on a Sunday this year. Call your florist IMMEDIATELY and order a white orchid (plant)to be delivered on Monday, February 8th to her home or office. Be sure to enclose a card with something tender written on it like: "You're my Valentine everyday." You not only look thoughtful and timely, but you have assured that your flowers will actually arrive and last for SEVERAL MONTHS. Conveniently, orchids look great in any decor and don't require much attention.
3. Avoid any pre-boxed chocolates. Her favorite candy bars or some special baking chocolate chips or bars (if she cooks) is a much better solution. Actually, most women don't want the temptation of chocolate lurking around right after they have started their New Year's diet regimen.
4. Selecting jewelry is difficult, unless you've been given a few hints, you may have no idea of what your lady's preference is. Take a good look at the jewelry she wears every day and take your cue from that. A plain bracelet in silver or gold (James Avery) would be a good selection, but to be on the safe side, when you give it to her you need to say something like,"I had trouble deciding which bracelet (or whatever) looked most like you. The salesperson said it would be fine for you to return it and select something more to your taste if this didn't work for you." Either she will be crying with joy because she loves it or she will be kissing you for being so thoughtful and not wasting you money on something she would never wear.
5. Valentine's Day and Valentine's weekend is the worst time to dine out. All the restaurants are crowded and the service is less than stellar. Give you sweetheart an IOU for dinner the following week, or better still, fire up the grill and cook her dinner and watch a romantic movie.
6. Times are tough. At a minimum, buy your heart's desire a Valentine. Do not wait until Saturday to shop. Attend to this little chore today. Be sure to sign it and seal it right away. Ladies like the glue to be dry on the envelopes.
7. Be a little creative...which means thoughtful. Does she use a particular salon or work out some place. Get her a gift certificate. One of my most treasured gifts from PARTNER is a book of poems he gave me when we were in college. He knew I liked the poet. He went to the trouble to track down the book and he sweetly signed it.
Men, do not fear the holiday! You can do this. It is an opportunity to rack up brownie points for the entire year or at least ensure yourself of one pretty terrific evening.

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