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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Love Triangle

I might as well confess, because these things have a way of creeping out into the open... whether you want them to or not. For the past two months I have been the third wheel in a love triangle. The usually loyal and trustworthy PARTNER has been having early morning and late evening liaisons.
Do I get breakfast in bed? No, but you-know-who is hand served breakfast and supper. The world stops if the temperature fluctuates. We wouldn't want you-know-who to get hot or cold. Kissing a petting a blond right in front of me is nauseating, but worst of all...PARTNER is constantly cleaning the interloper's abode. I'd like to see him clean the toilets in MY house.
Tonight I am jubilant because the bitch and her brothers have moved to the country. Puppies are cute and all that, but I've just about had it with the lack of attention I've received since they came to live in the garage. I'm looking forward to having PARTNER to myself. Now I know how men feel when women have babies.

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