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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

No Bunny Loves Me

Easter has come and gone. I should be hopping mad, but I have too many other things on my mind to clutter it up with anger. The "Bunny" has overlooked me, again. Of course, as every year, PARTNER has a basket, but MRS. PARTNER has none. Not a dark chocolate bunny to nibble off the orange jelly beans and not even a wisp of plastic grass.
A smart person (and I do consider myself smart) would take the hint that after 40 Easters with no basket, the probability of one appearing would be one-in-a-million. Unfortunately, smart and romantic are not always compatible. My romantic side still believes in the Easter Bunny. Mentally, I know there will be no basket, but emotionally, I expect one.
One year I hid a basket for myself. I thought PARTNER might take the hint. He just mumbled something about not wasting my time looking for anything. He wasn't the least bit embarrassed when I "found" a basket. I guess he was just glad he didn't have to share his candy.

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