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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Thirty Years of Hair Purgatory

TWO's baby doll had been lying dormant since she was abandoned to her wicker carrying case some 30 years ago. I released Baby from captivity for the holidays so ONLY could play with her. Baby seemed to have suffered no ill effects from her confinement, but the hairdo she was sporting was very suspect. On closer inspection, the matted mess revealed she had undergone an unbridled attack.
I guess I had forgotten the episode, as my mind was already overwhelmed with the real-life event of ONE giving TWO the work-over with a pair of safety scissors. They "hid" the evidence by throwing the hair behind the couch. Unfortunately, there was no hiding the amazing lack of uniformity of TWO's haircut.
Fortunately for TWO, her hair grew back. Alas, Baby had no such luck. She was scalped in one area and straggly in another. With the confidence of any mother who has ever trimmed her child's hair, I grabbed my scissors and began clipping away some of the damage. Much to my delight, following a good washing and lots of conditioner, sweet Baby has returned.
ONE and TWO will recognize her bowl-cut...bangs that begin center skull and stop just above the eyebrows. They laughingly ask why they always sported bangs that started half-way back on their heads. Of course, any resourceful mom knows the answer to that. It kept their hair out of their faces and saved me $10.00 on haircuts.

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