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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Junque Mail

I do not want your penny, nickle or dime. I have no appreciation for note cards, return address labels with frolicking butterflies or an elite membership card. I don't want a pen, a pin or a stamp. It does not induce or entice me to make a donation to your organization. In fact, it proves to me that your organizations has:
1. no imagination
2. no common sense
3. no regard for the bottom line
I hate to single out an organization who truly needs money for research, but the Star Chapter of the Alzheimer's Association wastes more money on mailings than any other organization I know. I get a minimum of one solicitation a month. Yes, at least 12 mailings a year! There must be a direct marketing company owner somewhere who is laughing all the way to the bank.
Stop sending out junk and impersonal fund requests with tear-off tops. You must have a record that I contribute, so why can't you even say "thank-you for your last donation"? Send out something on your stationery and hand-sign it. How can you expect people to believe you are using their donations in the most expedient and useful manner when you are not even managing the local office efficiently?
Both my mom and PARTNER'S mom suffered from this terrible disease. There couldn't be two people who could appreciate the efforts of the Alzheimer's Association any more than us, but please...stop wasting donation money on mass marketing gimmicks.

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