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Friday, May 7, 2010

The Mommies

My mother had four children and a tumor. The surgeon sewed her back up and said, "Congratulations". It wasn't a tumor after was her fifth child. She told me she worried the entire pregnancy that her stitches would burst before the baby was born. Without the benefit of modern medical technology, she endured grueling days of labor and "natural" childbirth.
I, on the other hand, popped my children out in four hours or less...with the aid of a drug induced euphoria. In fact, I slept right through the delivery of ONE and didn't wake up until 10 hours later. Happily, I was awake to welcome TWO into the world. As it was a slow day at the hospital, everyone else welcomed her into the world, too. I had a large audience, including PARTNER (husbands not usually allowed) and half the nursing staff. My mother was furious that she wasn't included. "They had everyone in there but the janitor. I'm sure I wouldn't have been in the way!"
TWO had her baby the modern way. There were no rabbits to test, just a blue strip from the drug store. There was also no waiting nine months to determine the sex of the child. I expected she would have a breezy delivery as well. After a day and a half of labor and a c-section, we had ONLY. So much for modern science.
Through the generations the Mommies of the world have endured nine months of carrying another human around inside their bodies, only to spend a lifetime carrying that precious person around in their hearts. So here's to the Mommies...Have a very Happy Mother's Day!

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