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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Captain Hook

Delighted by the cessation of rain, PARTNER heard the call of bass. We fished Saturday evening and he was reeling them in. I caught a measly five fish, while he landed over a dozen. I casually commented on his success and with a butter-would-melt-in-his-mouth look he replied he hadn't been counting...yeah, sure! Finally, either a bass or a hook had the good judgement to draw blood. Men never know when enough is enough.
He skunked me on Sunday, too. I had only one escapee and no other bites. I resorted to my Zoom Fat Albert bait and my Bass Temptress maneuver, but only enticed one tiny bass. I quit counting PARTNER'S successes, but I know he was into double digits, again. In the mean time, I napped, went for drinks and torment the bait fish by dangling a hot dog in the water. Did he not see I was getting BORED? Not Captain Hook...he just kept tossing that line.
It is so ungracious of me to even mention this, and it's not because I'm envious of his success, but I did catch the LARGEST bass.

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