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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Really Bad Marketing, Pantene

Pantene is driving me crazy. They keep changing their packaging and products. At last count, they've discontinued 75 products including my favorite, the Moisture Renewal Collection. I now have a choice of 60 new and "different" products:
color treated hair (13)
fine hair (14)
medium to thick (18)
curly (15)
What are you supposed to use if you happen to have thick, curly hair that has been color treated? After listening to customers about the confusion relating the new products, Pantene issued the following statement. We are "now offering simpler choices with great results." I interpret that statement to mean that no one likes the new products and we've done a lousy job of marketing.
If one needs 14 products to deal with fine hair, it would be easier and less expensive to buy a wig. I'd like to know what was wrong with the old categories: oily, normal and dry?

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