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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Visiting Grandma's House

The first time I left my children with the grandparents, they were four and six. PARTNER had an annual meeting in California and spouses were expected to attend. I spent more time packing the girls' clothes and toys, than I did preparing for my trip. In addition, I sent a long list of instructions concerning bedtimes, TV watching, seatbelt wearing and the "in case of illness" directions. How hard do you think PARTNER'S parents laughed when they saw that tome?
Of course, the entire trip I was obligated to worry about them being in a wreck, falling, having a raging fever, drowning and generally feeling abandoned by their parents. I had to squeeze all that worry in between worrying about having to fly, staying in a high-rise hotel with glass elevators and hoping there wouldn't be an earthquake.
When we picked up ONE and TWO a week later, they were fat and happy. I mean really fat. German Grandma ("Oh, they are so thin!") stuffed them like a sausage casing. They ate fried chicken, cream gravy, mashed potatoes, noodles, homemade bread, kolaches, cookies and topped off every evening with a bedtime snack of ice cream and saltines. They had a year's wardrobe of matching pajamas from the local outlet store and had been sightseeing. With much more ease than I, she had them in the bathtub each evening. Maybe it was the promise of ice cream and crackers. I assume they wore their seat belts, but I think that otherwise, my list went unread.
Now I am anticipating the day when ONLY will come on a solo visit. Her mom and dad will fret, send lots of instructions and worry...after all, that's what parents do. Me, I will be reveling in the joy of spoiling my granddaughter...after all, that's what grandparents do best!
Just so you don't think I worried for nothing, there was an earthquake. Was I ever glad to get home!

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