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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

American Express: Leave Home Without It!

I checked and I'm not wearing a sign that says, "Take advantage of me, the lowly consumer.", but it seems like this has been a month of wrangling with consumer issues. The latest to jump into the fray is American Express.
Several weeks ago, they sent me an application for a card. It was addressed to me, but the application was in someone else's name. I called them and let them know that:
1. I already had a card.
2. I thought their security was terrible and I wanted to know just who had MY application.
3. I would like them to stop sending me further offers, etc.
In the grand tradition of corporate fubars*, last week I received a NEW card. I thought they might have decided that my security was indeed compromised, so I called to activate it. I couldn't activate it by phone, so I called the office. I was on hold twice, while they tried to sort it out. The operator finally came back on the line and said, "You were sent that card in error. Please just destroy it."
Later, I began thinking about all that "sent in error" implied, so I called them back. I didn't want an additional card on my credit report and I didn't want to be linked to someone else's account.
Now I wish I hadn't destroyed the card so I'd have some way of tracing this. I cannot get an honest response out of American Express. I just want to know what happened and what measures have been taken to ensure that it won't happen again. Until the, my best advice is, "Leave home without it, or better still, cancel your card."

*Yes, I know what fubar means and I usually avoid such vulgarities, but if the shoe fits...

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