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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Waiting for The Publisher's Clearinghouse Prize Patrol

I got up early this morning just to get ready for the arrival of Prize Patrol from Publisher's Clearinghouse.
I have two certificates for the SUPERPRIZE AMOUNT $10,000.00 for GIVEAWAY #1401. I entered on time to avoid "permanent forfeiture of any prize money that could have been won by the the SuperPrize Number printed hereon." I have two blue, very official looking personal SUPERPRIZE NUMBER certificates, each with a different number. Hence, TWO chances of winning with such great numbers:
3082 2727 9914 and 4070 8147 1919
Further, "someone with the initials CB will definitely be a winner" of $100.00. I hurried and transferred the Initials Registration Label from enclosed yellow "Don't Let Your Number..." Notice to my Official Entry Validation Form! No way MY SUPERPRIZE number was going to be dropped.
I kept my official "Prizes in the amount of $50.00 (Fifty) will be paid to any recipient of this certificate who is among the first Fifty selected as a winner of the promise to pay prize entry opportunity".
Here I sit. No big check. No ballons and cheering neighbors. No TV commercial for me. I'm out 96 cents in postage and I have a pile of useless paper that I have to recycle. Well, you can just bet they are not going to have Cece Brune to kick around any more. I'm sure glad I didn't subscribe to any of their stupid magazines.

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