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Friday, September 3, 2010

The Rose Tattoo and Other Tales

I admit I'm no Tennessee Williams, but I did have my own adventure with the Rose Tattoo. About a decade ago, in a fit of grocery store craziness, I bought one of those temporary rose tattoos. I thought it would give PARTNER a good laugh. He never noticed it. After six weeks, I gave up and asked him how he could have missed seeing the rose. "Oh, I thought it was a bruise." So much for getting his attention.
I don't know why I thought he would notice. He can't even find the mayonnaise in the refrigerator. Since he has his vision checked once a year, it is impossible to write it off as a lack of visual acuity. He just seems to be missing the "noticing" gene.
You'd think I'd give up, but somehow my rational mind is always overridden by my emotions. I still expect and hope he will notice new having two inches cut off my hair and sporting a new hair style. Well, it has been almost two weeks and still no word on the haircut. Didn't he notice my ranch ponytail was gone? You might think one would notice the re-emergence of a bare neck. Alas, I guess it is just another tale to add to the rose tattoo collection.

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